20+ Tumblr-Style WordPress Themes 2014

Social networking websites like Facebook or Tumblr change the way users share articles online. People post everything what is interesting at the right moment, what came to their mind – from simple texts, quotes, audios, photos to a short movies and GIFs. We, bloggers, don't want to use always the standard form of blog post – with title and body. With special feature called 'Post Formats' WordPress gave the opportunity to classify blog posts just like in Tumblr platform. You can choose between many different type of articles - audio, photo, gallery, video and many more. If you want you can skip the title of your post.

In this collection you will find some great tumblr-style WordPress themes which support many different post formats. If you love WordPress functionality and Tumblr simplicity and design you will definitely love this collection.

1. Grido

Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme with responsive clean design. It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually. You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes.

2. Minblr

Minblr is a minimal Tumblr-like theme for WordPress. The layout design is liquid and responsive. This means the layout flows nicely across any display resolution. Minblr is promised to delivery your content nicely in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and most modern mobile devices.

3. Bordeaux

Here comes Bordeaux. All the content you post online will now be beautifully and perfectly laid out on your home page. Thanks to Bordeaux’s pre-enabled Post Format feature. Variety of post formats are available to choose from (e.g. video, image, quote, gallery, audio, chat and many more). So you can blog different types of content right away. Bordeaux is clean, fluid and responsive, makes your blog site look great no matter on what kind of devices or screen resolutions it’s being viewed. Whether your visitors access your site through a desktop computer, an iPad or an iPhone, its content will always be delivered with ultimate focus. With Bordeaux, you can choose a different layout setting for each post or page (e.g. full-width, two-column left-sidebar, or two-column right-sidebar). The Masonry and Infinite Loading scripts make page scrolling and content loading slicker and smoother than ever.

4. Wumblr

Say hi to our first ever Tumblr-esc WordPress theme. Make your WordPress installation look and feel like a Tumblr blog. 9 different post formats including 15 different color presets that help customize the look of each post. Along with 3 different column layouts for your pages this is definitely one of our best themes yet! Read related post.

5. TumblePress

You take pictures, you write stories and opinions, you make videos, you link to cool sites all the time. Tumblr is perfect for that but there’s one flaw, you don’t get to control everything as easy as you would with WordPress. You’ve got no control over your database or server and you can’t even do anything with its SEO.Here comes TumblePress. All the stuff you do online will now be perfectly packaged with its pre-enabled Post Format feature. It’s now easier than ever to create a Tumblr-like experience in WordPress. Have videos, links, images, audios, quotes and statuses all in one place. Make your blog as simple as Tumblr but as powerful as WordPress.

6. Writer

Writer has all it takes to be a really great option for bloggers that want a stylish and premium look for their personal blog.

7. LightBright

LightBright makes it easy to share your daily life through it's tumblr-style post types. Using the custom post types/taxonomies added in WordPress 3.0, the theme adds special integration options for photos, video, audio, quotes, notes and links. If you love the format of tumblr but don't want to give up the versatility of WordPress, this is the theme for you.

8. CoolStuff

Cool Stuff is a Responsive WordPress Theme with modern, flat, minimalist design. It comprises our latest features and a powerful framework to help you personalize and expose your content in a cool way. Cool Stuff is a really unique theme. Compared to other themes, Cool stuff has a cool timeline and a dedicated events page. The dedicated events page is especially useful for magazines, blogs or websites who plan to run an event. The timeline is also another interesting element of this theme, as it allows to display your posts and articles in a really interactive way, allowing your viewers to better understand your content/message.

9. Notebook

Notebook is a fun multimedia theme that takes advantage of WordPress post formats and advanced CSS3 animations.

10. Troy

A tumblr-like theme for WordPress.  Post audio, video, quotes, links, photos and normal posts in a snap! Got stuck? We’ll be there to help.

11. Fable

Fable is beautiful theme built for blogging. The theme tells a story by building a visual narrative through post variation. Fable is built for easy reading. Its spacious, full-width, and long-format style makes scrolling a pleasurable journey. Each post type is displayed boldly, giving your content the full-screen attention that it deserves without bombarding the senses. The design is neither busy nor overbearing; reading this story is like breathing a breath of fresh air.

12. SympalPress

SympalPress is our brand new responsive theme for personal bloggers. It has a clean uncluttered design and uses Post Formats so you can let your content do the talking. Post Videos, Audio, Quotes, Photos and Galleries and know your content looks good on any size screen. The homepage has a slider which is controlled on phones and tablets by swipe gestures, you can customize the colors with the Theme Customizer and choose between a light version or dark version.

13. Charlton

Charlton is an ultra-clean blogging theme which makes use of Post Formats to allow you to post video, audio, quotes, photos, photo galleries. As with other ThemeFurnace themes it has loads of extras such as custom widgets so you can show off your flickr photos and list your latest tweets. It has several sidebars so you can have different content for your homepage and blog pages. The theme has space for entering your twitter, facebook, RSS and dribbble usernames and will display links to them in the header with a count of how many followers you have.

14. Botanic

Your own beautiful super designer blog with the breeze of WordPress.

15. My Journey

A blog WordPress theme perfect for your personal blog or portfolio website that will make your blog or website stand out.

16. NYC

NYC is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers who share any type of content. Audio, videos, links, images, image galleries and more!

17. The Muse

A minimalist inspiration WordPress theme for anyone that wants to start his own blog and believes that content is king.

18. Elemin

Elemin has great sense of typography, good white space balance, and minimal graphics. It is a piece of art crafted with modern technology — Google font, CSS3, Javascript and HTML5. WordPress post formats was incorporated which allows you to write about various post types such as photo, gallery, video, quote, etc. (very much like Tumblr). The design is completely fluid and responsive.

19. Molly

Molly is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers who share any type of content. Audio, videos, links, images, image galleries and more!

20. Burogu

Burogu utilizes the WordPress versatile post-format feature and lets you classify your blog posts just as Tumblr does. Burogu makes your daily life sharing easy as it gives you flexibility over post layout. A blog post containing hundreds of words will look just as beautiful as a short post of a one-sentence quote. Several preset post-format options are available (e.g. video, image, quote, link, aside, gallery, status, audio, chat and many more) so you can start blogging different types of content right away.Released as a feature-packed WordPress theme, Burogu comes with 4 page templates (portfolio, archive, sitemap and contact), 3 sidebar layouts (left sidebar, right sidebar and no sidebar), a contact form, AJAX-loading post archive pages and shortcode support. And to top it off, we feature a massive slider on the home page just so that you can showcase your best-of-the-best photo shots.

21. Hartee

Host your heart’s content with style on Hartee.  A beautiful tumblr-like theme for WordPress.

22. LogBook

LogBook is WordPress theme great for photographers, bloggers, journalists and everyone who love clean minimalist design. This template allows you to display posts in unique tumblr-like style.

23. Blogex

Blogex is minimalistic WordPress theme specially designed for authors. Theme comes with four elegant homepage looks and has awesome functionality to focus on contents. Theme was packed with many customization options to give you opportunity to transform layout to your personal needs.

24. Bayse

Bayse is simple and clean WordPress theme suitable for any niche blog. Theme comes with 8 custom post formats and beautiful attention to detail.

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