Coverage is a total solution for you who has a will to make your blog become a news portal. With an elegant design and also attractive features, Coverage will make your blog looks different than any news blog. With this theme, your loyal readers can freely discover and choose what news they want to read, all posts you have will be organized on every sections which will made anyone enjoy to read your site. It’s powered by our all-new theme options panel and integrated with a comprehensive SEO management system. Coverage will turn your WordPress site into a simple-yet-powerful news management system with an automatic thumbnail generation feature.

Theme Features

  • Show your hottest news in the Headline News by choosing one category from the admin panel.
  • Show your favorites photos in this awesome photos slider widget. You can set this gallery slider by adding the widget and choose the category.
  • Let your visitors to post their opinion about your online news site. Also, their opinions can be commented by other visitors.
  • Do you have a questioner and want to make a polling on your site? Coverage comes with that awesome polling feature.
  • Show your video posts collection with this videos slider. You can set this by choosing the video category from the admin panel.
  • Let your visitors see your posts that have been shared on Twitter with this Twitter ranks widget. The posts will be automatically added if they have been shared on Twitter.
  • As Multilingual WordPress Themes, this enable you to make your site translated with all world languages.

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