Persona is a blog WordPress theme that will turn your blog into a social tool. Whether it’s a tweet on Twitter, a snapshot on Instagram, a recent post on Facebook or a vacation photos on Flickr, Persona will gather all you’ve posted on the internet, organize and bring them into focus. All posts are being displayed very attractively by visually promoting any image or video that is contained in the post.Persona is a great way for businesses, products, venues, and even individuals to create one website that sums up everything you’ve posted on the internet and gives readers a clear visual impression of who you are and what you talk about.Persona is a child theme of Backbone Theme Framework, meaning you will be able to quickly and easily build your website.

Theme Features

  • Persona comes with a feature that makes you can show many posts from your social networks, like Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest. And this feature let your visitors stay updated with your latest post and picture.
  • Refresh button will make your way easier to know if there is a new post. And, if your visitor wants to focus in one post tab, they can minimize the others tab with a single click at the top right of the post tab. With the (-) button to minimize and the (+) button to maximize the tab.
  • Show your profile picture and a little thing about you with a short description. Also with a social network connection under the author's description.
  • Hover your mouse to the thumbnail and get the enlarge effect with a smooth motion. Also, it will show you the details of the thumbnail with an awesome effect too beside of the thumbnail.
  • This feature will make your visitor easier to give a comment at your post. They just have to log in to their Facebook account, and the website will automatically detect the account. And, not only the Facebook, but they can use the others connection like Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail.
  • Enable sharing to more than 250 social networks with Shareaholic’s social sharing buttons, increase pageviews with the recommended content tool and track progress with the publisher analytics dashboard.

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