5+ Coming Soon WordPress Themes 2014

Do you want to start your own website, you already bought catchy URL address and paid for hosting, but your site is not yet ready to be placed on the web? You've come to the right place. Prepared coming soon/under construction WordPress themes allow you to present a temporary solution to inform your visitors that the site is under construction and will be available soon. These kind of themes have two main elements: countdown timer that will display the remaining time to launch your project and email address form, so users can get a notification on email when your website will be ready.

In this collection we present the best coming soon Wordpress themes which you can use when your website is not ready to be published or when you are reorganizing your design and you don't want to lose your visitors.

1. MyCountdown

Best for Coming soon website, under construction website, landing page, event website, or anything related. Use MyCountdown to attract visitors’ attention and announce about an event in a cool manner. MyCountdown is a Coming Soon WordPress Theme with responsive design and awesome functionality. If your site is under construction and you want to let your visitors know about your launching in advance, this template if definitely for you. A “not found” page is not the best representation of a coming soon website, so we’ve created some cool features to help you leave a positive impression and keep your visitors up to date with your progress. For that, we’ve introduced a beautiful customizable jQuery countdown, newsletter sign up, AJAX contact form and amazing HTML5 and CSS3 effects and more. The coolest element of this theme is its countdown, which compared to the Winterfell countdown, is more suggestive, which makes this theme especially useful for websites, blogs or organizations that plan to launch their new websites or services with a pre-announcement. On the other hand, if we compare it to AXA, than MyCountdown is more simple, with less elements, which again, is great if you want to use it for a product or website launch, as a pre-announcement.

2. Working

Working is a modern under construction theme.

3. Thunder

Thunder is a modern, responsive, parallax-enabled coming soon page.

4. Caelus

Get your App or Website launched with a blast!. With this out of this world landing / countdown page.

5. im2

im2 is an High Quality “Coming Soon/Under Maintenance/Under Construction” template designed for the new website when it is preparing the design and contents or for websites that are down for maintenance.

6. Launchville

Responsive Coming Soon WordPress Theme.

7. Launcher

Launcher let visitors know estimated time remaining in launching the site. Make a Smashing entry in the world of Web.

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