2014-inspired design. No-sweat setup. Tailor-made to monetize ads. Comes with simple user experience and powerful built-in design tools.

Theme Features

  • See your ads look fresher in flat, content-focused design. See it trendy with front-page slider.
  • It’s clutter-free even when users jump from one category and location to another, or filter from one price to the next, or view ads in grid or list.
  • Free or paid, regular or featured, single or package…You’ll never run out of payment options for your customers.
  • Preview images in ads skid neatly in beautiful display. Earn 50% more attention from your site visitors.
  • Manage active listings. Renew expired ads. Control profile data. Sellers can get these important stuffs done in one place.
  • When the basic payment options won't work, the API gets you the simplest solution – implement new payment processors.
  • Engage your users on discussion using any devices, anywhere! ClassifiedEngine optimizes user experience be it on smartphones or the big screens. Many theme designers simply repurpose their original layouts for mobile devices, at the expense of user experience. But we do it the right way – by building a dedicated mobile version from scratch.
  • We don't give you bells and whistles you’ll never use. We've cut the gimmicks and delivered a set of simple, intuitive theme features that serves its purpose, without clutter, chaos, or useless elements. Simplicity is the core of our design philosophy, because we know it works.
  • Our themes are living projects – they're never "finished". We constantly tweak and improve features, rolling out minor updates to our customers every single week. Get the latest version of your theme with a single click, right from the EngineThemes dashboard. It's never been easier to keep your WordPress site up-to-date.
  • No more fiddling around with the WordPress dashboard. Custom frontend controls let you publish and edit content without leaving your homepage. Spend less time struggling and more time creating.

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Welcome to a world of powerful simplicity. Rediscover WordPress with Engine Themes.
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