JobsHub is a web app WordPress theme which will turn your blog become a professional job listing site. With the ‘auto pilot’ feature this theme has, your work will become easier than it never before. With its payment options such as PayPal and Bank Transfer, you will turn your site traffics become an income by letting people to post their CV and job vacancies then let them apply for the jobs available on your WordPress powered site. This theme also offer many features that will help you to build great job listing site such as search engine optimization and many others. And in fact that this theme is WordPress based site, you can set up this theme in seconds. Also with clean-look layout, JobsHub is easier to be customized.

Theme Features

  • Let job seekers upload multiple résumés and add important details such as desired salary, position, and location. They may also complete the résumés with details of skills, education history, career directions and more.
  • The dashboards are neatly designed and stand on its own without interfering with the built-in WordPress Dashboard. Both employers and job seekers won't realize that they're actually in a WordPress environment.
  • Let employers post job vacancies and complete them with company profiles, job descriptions, salary details, location (with Google Maps support) and ways to apply. All job entries will always be logged in the Dashboard.
  • JobsHub keeps record of the job entries you are viewing so you can revisit them later on. You can also star job entries and mark them as favorites. Companies will receive an instant notification via email if someone applies for the vacancy they've posted.
  • Let your users show the location of their company with this awesome maps feature.
  • This feature shows which jobs that have been applied by job seeker. It can be accessed from the front-end
  • Create different custom form by category job. With some extra field, it is possible to achieve more information about the job details, such as qualification or industry about the job.

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